Lol try taking an inside shot against this lineup!

Won’t be that hard once my diamond LeBron blows by that Amy Kristaps.

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That’s fine. Sampson will be patiently waiting for the block!

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Not when my Amy Sampson is patiently waiting on that 3-point line for the kickout.

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Still not worried. My players will make the proper rotations to cover the 3. The height and wingspan of this lineup is just too much to deal with.

I can actually pretty easily and probably get a foul in every 2 attempt. Beside Sampson and Bron total strenght is like 150 lol so posting em up is also a nice option.


Lots of dick measuring in this thread already. Nice

Well, “tall-stars” has a new meaning now.

6’10" and taller, or you’re not really doing it right:

Rather than running KP out of position, Jonathan Isaac is a SF and is 6’11”

Put Kareem at SG :sweat_smile:

Not bad. Wanted some elite offensive players in my lineup so I went with Lebron and KD at the 1 and 2.

Wasn’t really looking to use any Ruby or lower players.

Lol he’d be way too slow at the 2.

No, keep KP in at 3 and take Kukoc out and put Isaac in at 2, and then it’s “6’11”+ or GTFO!"

Ruby Isaac is one of the very few ~7-footers who can legit cover perimeter players.

Yeah I’d definitely use him if I was making a Ruby Squad.

Only if you dribble with him lmao

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