Talking to 2K Support Chat (BANNED)

Got banned, trying to sort it out but cannot find the chat icon for 2K. Is 2K Support Chat online now, or offline?

Be careful out there boys; it’s a jungle.

Why you get banned?

That’s the million dollar question that I want to aak live support.


The little icon in the bottom right doesn’t always pop up. Try a different web browser, that helps sometimes

just tried chrome, mozilla and safari, no luck!

did you buy mt?

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Ask them if they’ll give me my Cliff Robinson


clear cache and clear data in chrome and try again. that happened to me before as well where the icon wouldnt pop.

Sooooo why tho

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Didn’t you get banned last year too? Maybe they’re just picking up where they left off.

I certainly did. Looks like someone has got .a grudge with me.

What’d could you of gotten banned for

Sub glitching & Lag switching, you know the usual. :rofl::joy: jk

You just have to chat with them. Open up a live chat with nba 2k. I used to know how to do it, but I haven’t played in a while and I’ve forgotten. But the instructions are on this site somewhere.

Yea I read them and followed the instructions but nothing.

Sometimes they ban you coz they’re just stupid. In 2k18, a friend of mine got banned because he sold a Warriors playbook for 15k MT (it wasn’t even BIN, he put it up for simple bid).

2k didn’t even bother to check if that playbook actually sells for that much, they automatically assumed something fishy going on.

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Let’s hope this is all it is. I want my account back.

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any update?

Man you shouldn’t even have to put up with this. Just come on over to Madden where no one gets banned and you don’t have to pay for contracts. Plus we have the best thread on 2kgamer.

Damn bro that sucks :pensive:

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