Talk me out of it

Ive been quite relaxed on missing out the start of this years 2k. Didnt even have the urge to buy it even tho i miss my basketball fix. Just watching replays / fiba is not enough…

So… dno if a lot of console guys are familiar with steam and cs go skins, but i bought some skins back in 2012 for cheap, listed them for a ridiculous amount and forgot about them for 6 years until 1 week ago. Everything sold for a profit of total of 600 euros. the sad part is that i cant withdraw the money…

i bought some games for friends on a discount to cash out a bit but this would take ages… anybody here interested in those deals?

anyways… talk me out of buying this game for PC + the steam controller + that hub from pc to tv

I’ll do no such thing.

Buy the game breh what are you waiting for?

Just look at what’s trending on twitter until some change are made we can’t even play the game properly lol

Because reading/lurking the forums it seems like nothing changed,

are the offline modes broken as well?
always been more of a offline player than online anyways

less about the money and more about the time.

evo cards this year are pretty interesting despite all the mess, but are really time consuming.

IF time is your priority then just dont buy it

is it a grind like last years?

only started the game in march last year but if anything the answer is probably yes.

i did finish domination last yr to get giannis but i started with way better cards (after march madness)

Buy it. the game have it’s problems but it will still get you basketball fixed

oh you little devil.

i just know that i will grind that shit for hours again… for… nothing

go to opskins and cashout the skins sold on paypal

its too late :smiley: i completely forgot about my listings and the big stuff sold within 2h after years of being listed.
i could buy new stuff and sell on opskins but that means steam cashes in twice … dont want that tbh