Talk me off the Hibachi ledge

This is what I have right now, some kid with hibachi and hedo beat me on my 9th game in my streak and said to just run those two in a 5 man lineup all game to get wins. I’m debating selling of 3-5 players to go for the limited hibachi and maybe run an 8 man lineup, should I?

I have him and like him but he’s not worth selling 3-5 good players on your team Oscar
And magic are rlly good

Most people will say no, but I am in love with Limited Steak Fried Rice Special.


Steak FRIED RICE !!!

(Im asian lol)

Yea but technically the rice isn’t fried, lmao, but I will amend it.

I have a non limited and he’s my instant offense off of the bench, but I also pull him and sub Oscar still (magic still a starter)

This is what I would keep from what I have. Selling Magic, Blake, Ralph and maybe Hondo/PG13. I would need a starting 4&5 still but don’t know how my financials would look after those sales plus buying limited hibachi.

Just get the unlimited one

DO NOT SELL MAGIC. HE WILL SAVE UR ASS when people run 2 big pgs


How’s the limited arenas compared to the unlimited PD? Worth the extra MT?

Get the unlimited one for 120k and you wont regret it.

Get the regular pd. Don’t sell magic bro.

The only badges you’re missing out on with the unlimited compared to the limited is deep range deadeye and maybe p&r maestro. I’m not going to drive into the paint with a 6’3 guard with Ralph’s and Hakeem’s lurking there so I wouldn’t make use of the other additional HOF badges.

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I love how when i type “why is gilbert arenas” the first result that autocompletes is “why is gilbert arenas not in 2k”

i just wanted to know why hes called hibachi haha

Keep Magic and run Gilbert next to him.

Magic HoF Dimer + Glibert HoF C&S, Deadeyes, and Limitless = Match made in Heaven!!

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Perhaps I just sell Marc and scrape the rest for the regular PD, I just feel like having magic and Oscar is too similar of style of play and they’re more there to prevent the opponents from scoring rather than being scorers themselves. I also like Oscar more than magic because post fades. I like the idea of magic to hibachi though but I like the idea of my first limited card ever too.

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Hibachi 4 Life.

dis is MDJ confirmed

He used to say hibachi when his shot was mid air, but he changed it…

Arenas spurns ‘hibachi’ in response to Kobe’s beef

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Sell Oscar, Draymond, Battier. Keep starters same.

Hibachi (unlimited)