Taking turns going 12-0

Taking turns going 12-0

Anyone wanna take turns going 12-0? How do you do it?

Plz teach me we can try

This guys burners are talking to themselves.


to be fair, dunksquad been here since 2018

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I wonder if everyone is his burner except me.


How do we know you’re not a burner?

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Hmm I never even asked myself if I am a burner. I must reflect.


Definitely works all bronze teams and it’s an easy match up almost every time

I’d be down to do this mid next week. I assume ppl who do this just dashboard 12 times?

I really want BD! Lol

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if kaine was not a burner he would really hate us. but same for that “2k employee” @LuckyKid

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I don’t hate lmao :rofl:

No make sure a stat gets recorded and pause 6 times your opponent takes the w rinse repeat, trick is searching at the same time

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Let us know if it worked for you guys. I think that if it was that easy 12-0 services would be much cheaper.

any xbox guy wants to work this out in about 2 hours? european servers

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@risd watch your mouth being disrespectful aint nobody on that burning stuff u got me twisted. I play fair so know what u talking bout when u mention my name

Whatever the trick is, I can’t get it to fully work.

I’ve gotten up to 9-0 three times and that 10th game is always against some other bronze squad.

Any ideas?

Would it matter if you used the same exact squads and coach?

This whole thread seems cringey and unrealistic, whoever is running the burners needs to learn some acting skills.

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Wtf does burner even mean.

Same squad, same coach, same assigned minutes.

When I was doing 12-0 the legit way, game 10 always did seem like a much tougher matchup (usually another 8-0, 9-0 if the messages were to be believed.