Taking orders for millsap, beal or redd!

If y’all need Michael redd grinded the benchmob can acquire him on either system for you

Xbox and playstation grinds available

Dm for rates

Trusted member of the community for years :slight_smile:

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Legit :dizzy:

Pm sent

Replied. Sorry was at work!

Big vouch did limited and unlimited for me Great communication Definitely recommend

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Thanks for the vouch @Arron_315

Bump. Have some open spots for right now. Msg for rates

Available for xbox and ps

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Bump. Got some time to do some runs. Dm me :slight_smile:

How much do you charge for a DM Tacko run?


1 million dollars


Big vouch got me Randle

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bump still available for grinds

julius randle and redd available

dm for info :slight_smile:

Bump. Available for grinds. Tto Julius randle grinds and mtu Michael redd grinds

Dm for info

Bump still available. Dm me for more info

Available for limited rings. Can get beal or millsap for you. Also redd runs still available. Dm to reserve your spot

Bump. Still available for these limited weekend grinds. Dm for details :slight_smile:

Big vouche for my guy! Got me Millsap in no time basically while I was busy and away, hit this man up for sure!


Very Legit , I vouch 100%

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