Taking L’s

I took a big L last night sold my kd and it brought in like 370K LMAO & my pd wade sold for 100k :(( but I scooped asg Giannis for the low last night but now have to buy back kd and wade I’m pretty heartbroken lmao


Never go full…

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If you’re reacting to confirmed news or leaks when selling cards in the ah you’re doing it wrong. Wednesday/early Thursday is the best time to panic sell, before any news gets released.

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I bought a Rudy for 70k bo thinking it was a snipe. Took an L there for sure. Lost a bit on Webber too. This sniping thing is hard to figure out

First tip is don’t snipe if you don’t know the market. Second I’d to never snipe early into a crash. Never know where the dip will truly settle

That was my mistake. But hey I lost like 15k so for a first time try not too bad. Plus I actually got my glitched Ben at 76

Bought MJ for 270k last night I know will be a big L within a week, but with the show coming out soon figured mine as well spend and get a godly card. May splurge on this new Wall card since I always liked his cards past years.

2k18 I wanted to try out pd melo the limited one, bought for 880k in the middle of the night, tried out for a day, fun card but I didn’t want something like that, put up for 24 hours, got 1.2 mill back
The NEXT DAY they dropped diamond melo with more hof badges than the limited… avoided a huge L, other guy, not so much