Takeover pack odds nightmares

Let’s hear em’ fellas.

I never pull. Couldn’t resist the temptation of the GOAT and Giannis today and snagged 450k VC.

Not… one… Opal.

The horror stories are already all over Twitter. I see where @Smoohv pulled 650k VC and a milly MT, and still didn’t pull a single Opal. Makes me feel kind of guilty for bitching.

Simply laughable that in these trying times this scumbag company is still robbing everyone. Here’s to truly my last year with this shit.


Odds are probably at the lowest They’ve been for Giannis and MJ, but people are pulling them . Some even on this forum

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Ill consider myself lucky for pulling a Bosh with 50 bucks. Suppose he will probably go for 200 K.

the amount of time you spent ripping 450k of packs you could have sniped a kidd

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I still think they put cards on the auction block.


Sniping is just not my kind of gig. Way too impatient. And don’t want Kidd, anyway.

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500k worth of MT, nothing above a diamond. It is what it is.


They do. Remember when the new diamond shoes came out. Instantly they were all on the AH even before codes came out


No but you could sell him and make MT rather than spend $$

I have plenty of MT. Just don’t want to blow it all on these sure to be ridiculously inflated auction prices. Thought I’d try to pull one. Should’ve known better.

Honestly wouldn’t even doubt it

Wow I spent 20 and got Kidd. I guess I should be happier about it.

Spent 20 and got 2 amethyst. Not even a diamond, and there are tons of them flooding the AH.

No way in hell.

Ripped a few with MT and bailed.

It was a nightmare

I pulled amy Jokic :joy:

Damn, i forgot how much i hated this mode… :cold_face:


250 bucks. Bosh, Kidd, couple Malones, Theus, three diamond contracts.

380k MT
nothing above Diamond

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thats 2mil MT

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Condolences to everyone on their losses.