Takeoff 5 packs tomorrow: Dark Matter Jayson Tatum


Glad I sold KD yesterday. Hopefully his sigs are nice and he can be my budget 3!

Fuck yesss…loved Tatum reward card

Opal J Kidd, PD Wiggins and Diamond Shawn Bradley

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PD Wiggyy may be elite

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Tatum and Dray make for a ridiculous 3/4 combo for how cheap they are. Just need a D Rob or something off the bench in case you run into twin towers.

should I sell my Zion and run Oneal or Dray at the 4 instead ?

Or AK ?

I’d go Dray or O’Neal and save the MT for what’s coming over the next month

Don’t Wiggo and Bradley feel kind of nerfed for the point in the cycle? I guess because they are the super common cheap cards in the drop?

I opened these 5 only limited packs & got 5 Tatums. Is this natural in takeoff packs? (never opened these packs before this year, don’t even open the game at weekdays). Card is pretty good btw, replaced my Dray instantly at SF.

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I ripped three and got two jt but I haven’t never saw anyone get 5

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Both 2/3 and 5/5 seem like crazy high drop rates.


I got 1 JT, 1 Kidd, 1 Shawn and 2 Wiggo.


When I looked this morning, Wiggins was I think around 6K (on PC). I forget, but not dirt cheap. Bradley a bit more.

But look forward to getting him for as cheap as I can tonight.

As a Warriors fan, was nice to get the Takeoff PD Klay, this PD Wiggins, and DM Draymond, and the Glitched PD Wiseman, and Supernova PD Kuminga.

Add to them the Playoff Moments Rewards DM Jordan Poole and that’s PD or higher for 6 current Warriors, not even counting Curry.

Amongst other things, Dillon Brooks screwed us from possibility of getting a juiced GP2 Playoff Moments card.

Just made me think that we don’t have anything better than a Gold Kevon Looney. Which, sure, is realistic. But this is MyTeam

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Need help for what to do at the 3/4

1 Get Tatum and Keep Zion

2 Get AK and keep Zion

3 Sell Zion and Tatum at the 3 and AK at the 4

  1. :innocent:

If u add one card to those 5 takeoff player needed hofs in exhange, it still stays after the counter is expired. In case u need those in future.

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Great tip!

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I added 1 oo requirement just in case, haven’t tested the other slot btw but i guess both would work.