Take Two Interactive Patent from 2012


I haven’t read it yet, but it may be interesting to some of you.
The credit goes to https://youtu.be/_pkBqnPeyks

On a personal note, I went 11-1 at least 7 times this month. There’s always a game that it’s impossible to win somewhere around win 8 or 9. The algorithm must have learned that I tend to play less once I get the POTM so it won’t let me do it.

Ah another jacked bill video. He’s such a turd.

Basically repeats one point 10 times during his video. If he learns hypnosis , watch out !

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And tries to sound really smart but anybody with a half decent understanding of the English language realise very quickly he doesn’t understand the meaning of a lot of ‘big’ words and ‘intelligent phrases’ he uses.

He’s not the most brilliant YouTuber for sure, but perhaps we could focus on the patent :slightly_smiling_face: From what I managed to understand so far, its purpose was to recreate tendencies of real players while playing with the CPU. There’s no player frustration aspect that was found in the EA’s counterpart.