T-Mac. Worth it?

Is he worth it?
Maybe I should be able to get him. I have around 260/270k.
What do u think is the best option?

-98 wade
-98 vince
-97 lebron

  • 97 davis
  • sabonis


  • 97 lebron
  • ?
  • sabonis/ someone else

Him and 98 OVR KD are the two best wing-players in the game, IMO.

T-Mac is still the best SG in the game, IMO. 2" height is better than. few HoF badges that 98 OVR DI Kobe offers. Also, no card, in the history of cards ever, has been able to hit more Clutch & terribly-contested 3pointers than this year’s DI T-Mac. It’s honestly BS. You literally can just press X at any point past the half-court-line, and that shit can (& often will) go in. I can’t imagine how demoralizing it must be to the opponents playing great defense.

His defense is great & he will dunk on your family. There’s really not much more you could want out of a 2-guard.


^Agreed but his defense wasn’t that great for me it’s good but there’s better

Somehow tmac seems to be the only high tier card that doesn’t get affected by the equalizer. His constancy is crazy. I don’t know how diamond jordan and the new kobe is but tmac is still one of the best cards. Increbidle that he’s not a reward

U convinced me. I’ve put my vince in the AH.