Swish 5 + End Game Wilt


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cheers. In saying that, has anybody got a rough price check for the whole set on Playstation auction house for the lock in?

my impression with Wilt is OK in next gen but not that ‘end game’ card thing. I enjoyed playing invicible kareem than him (and even with my badge out tacko), and i believe kareem moves smoother than this fat wilt. maybe its just a first impression. he felt a bit slow and heavy/sluggish even with max stats

I have only played a few games on next gen and he seems to move well enough.

With a bigger sample size on current gen with TTO, he was very smooth to use and my opponents had a tough time stopping him from getting to the rim and scoring. I still can’t green consistently with the card, though, which limits how I utilize him.

No regrets—I’m just going to use him as a Center and not at PF. It’s a fantastic card on the defensive end.

I might put him in PF. I am expecting that 2k will drop end game cards left and right next season and final season. there will be invi tacko, bolbol, and end game cards for kareem, giannis, yao, etc. Wilt is fine, and the hof badges and tokens are good bonus

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Wow, Horry getting an Invincible makes me very curious about who else gets an Invincible.

I should have got all the cards earlier. KD might become the gatekeeper. He was going for 300k earlier I think. Just now on playstation one was at 800k with like 2 minutes left. Or MT sites might be price fixing.

My son played a TTO game against Tacko, Thon and Simmons. He turns to me laughing and goes “dad this guy has a team of guys who don’t play basketball”. All I could say was “yea get used to it, that’s MT”


Tacko and Bol Bol invincible cards are likely coming next season. Still waiting on a Bill Wennington End Game card with base 3. Maybe in season 9?

Purvis Short is a possibility, albeit a bit less likely.

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I don’t believe Tacko/Bol Bol etc etc will get an invincible. Don’t get confused with Horry. The man played in the league for like 18 seasons and he won 7 championships. He ain’t just some random dude.

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Just splurged out and got myself 2 million MT!!! My biggest purchase ever, now to try and snipe and get some good bids in so I can get Wilt and those 80 HOF badges…


every year atleast since 2k20 bolbol got sf/pf. both of them got invincible last year, after their DM. the DM tacko last year is very rare/rng based. knowing 2k - they will not pass on extra $$$

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Definitely not a random dude and a legend in his own way. Big Shot Bob and all that.

But he also never won a single award, unless you count All-Rookie 2nd Team.


I’m kicking myself for not buying one Hero KD days ago when, on PC, he was trading for low 60K’s MT. Picked up one on bid last night for 88K. He’s currently selling for low 90K’s, and hopefully he will at least reliably sell for 100K because his card’s art is the fucking worst.

I think they’re trying to make him look like a Jedi or a wizard, but he looks like there was a random fire in his house that spread so quickly that he barely made it out and now he’s standing on the lawn, looking at the smoldering ruins of his home, angry as fuck, wearing nothing but the Golden State Warriors uniform that he sleeps in, every night, and a random shitty scratchy blanket that the firefighters gave him.


I ended up paying 488K MT for KD last night as the final card for Wilt. At the time it wasn’t even a bad price since I kept getting outbid for 550k. It ended up being around 2.5M mt for Wilt by the time I got all the players.

Now I am waiting for end game Kobe, Giannis and point guard Lebron to finish my starting lineup.


Cost me around 3.1 million I want to say for the full lock in on PlayStation over the last 18 hours and that’s sitting on the AH and sniping all the buyouts as cheap as possible.

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As an oldhead who watched those Laker teams terrorize my Kings in the 2000s, Horry is pretty mid. Clutch? Definitely. Never scared to hit a shot to snatch your soul. But he was never better than the 3rd or 4th best player on his team.

That being said, he’s as clutch a shooter as we’ve ever seen. And I hate him for it :laughing:

I watched that Horry buzzer-beater vs. the Kings in the WCF live, with a buddy who was a huge Sacto fan.

Your hate is entirely justified.

Fuck the Lakers.