Swish 5 + End Game Wilt

They actually have wilt Luka base… For next gen he’s absolutely beyond broken. For current… Probably not worth it.

Sabonis at point guard… Yeesh

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Glad its horry he will be dirt cheap

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I just seen that he could be fun.

Good sigs, ok jumper. Probably makes it onto my last 3 just in case I need a 7ft PG at any point, haha

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not sure about that - whatever his price will be, it will be determined by the fact that he is the last card of the set and ultimately on whether or not he will be the gate keeper, regardless of who he is

that said, I am convinced he will not be the gate keeper for the set (well, 50% convinced and 50% hope so because I have the other cards and am going to lock …)

You guys think Wilt will be meh on current? I would get him for the bench anyway, I think.

He’s way better on Next than Current but in your situation, honestly I wouldn’t lock all that MT on Current to have him on the bench

People will panic buy horry thats a given. But hero horry is a horrible card there a ton up folks are bid happy atm. His price will drop off after the first wave like Hakeem which is a great card. Not everyone is doing this collection so it going to reach an apex then decline.

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how is wilt? sold 5 pau gasol’s friday morning for 27k, just to see him go to 70k 2 hours later :smiley:

Horry cost me 127k i feel for the fools who psid 1.5 mill damn :laughing:


I feel that I overpaid at 100k :slight_smile:

Wilt is freakin’ amazin’. He dominates next to my Tacko. Also, this is such a nice extra with him:


Just quickly added up all the cards to see how much Wilt would cost for me on PS. Around 2 million MT. I saw Horry already dropped to 70K and will continue to drop as he is in the equal chance packs.

2 million is not bad I guess. The only hesitation is questioning when we are getting the end game Yao and Kareem. Or even Tacko if they do one. Can’t sell Wilt back.

Since I am on next gen I will probably just end up locking in today. Not sure who would leave my starting lineup. Tacko or end game Dirk. Dirk is crazy good.

Trying figure out who to use these 80 badges on. Think if i put them on power within luka, i can at least get 800k back. :thinking:

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Use my badges on the next set of players or whatever ever promo is Friday

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Absolutely absurd that the first Horry on the AH sold for nearly 1.6m… now he’s 70k.

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I paid 60K for Horry. Overpaid for some of the other cards, though, as somehow the set cost me 2.1M. Was expecting it to be slightly under 2M.

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