Sweatiest month starts next week

New POTM and new POTM’s collection reward, possibly being GOAT card (i think Bill Russell). So what we saw people doing for Rice could be nothing compared what’s coming next :sweat_smile:


I’m here for the sweat


it will be Karl Malone

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both of them would be undersized for their positions tho unfortunately

Both of them can play PF. Bill is 6’10 and Karl 6’9

Cowens will be too similar though

It’s gonna be crazyyy

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Opal Giannis :white_check_mark:
Opal Glitched Tmac :white_check_mark:
PD Wade :white_check_mark:
Opal Scottie :white_check_mark:
Opal Rice :white_check_mark:


We bout to get a Pippen like lock :lock: in for the set… Mf with 50+ HOF with damn near everything being 97+…can’t wait


In terms of speculation, I think people are a little too sure it’s gonna be a GOAT.

I mean, I think it definitely could be, but I wouldn’t guarantee it. It seems logical that a card with that much effort (and in some cases skill) would be a GOAT 99 everything reward but it’s far from definite.

It could be a very popular card that still doesn’t have a GO like Paul George with maybe not maxed out stats, but mid-to-high 90’s in everything and it would still be an end-game demigod.

NOW – if it is going to be in the GOAT collection, we have a very limited pool of players it could be:

Bill Russell

Really no one else would make sense if we’re sticking with the definition of GOAT cards being limited to the best players of all time. But again, no one has promised that the POTM collection reward is going to be one of these so it’s still anyone’s guess who it will be. However I’m confident it will be a card that everyone is going to want.


what other old school players that doesnt have opal? jerry west, malone, bill russel, bill walton, stockton,

elgin baylor


I think them releasing GOAT cards out there already and that set having a completion reward gives a us a chance. Just being hopefully, nothing is definitive when it comes to 2k.

Even the new Tmac, Scottie and Giannis are basically all 99. It doesn’t have to be GOAT card like MJ but it will certainly be juiced.

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Duncan might be in that mix too

i dont give a shit if the card is in the goat collection, i just want it to have goat collection level stats like giannis or pip. gimme a kawhi with everything above 90 and 50 hofs


hes got the reward opal

It’s going to be opal Jerry West and Bill Russell

yea but its so bad compared to other bigs

That’s a fact. I hope 1 out of the 2 cards has Wades base. Please 2k :pray: