Surprised no Celts fans talking about Tatum’s 41 career high

Surprised no Celts fans talking about Tatum’s 41 career high


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Bruh lol

Man Jayson Tatum one of my dawgs not on the thunder. Love to see him killing it

I would but I don’t wanna invite toxic Lakers fans into a 2hr debate


I’m a Laker fan, I have no problem with the Celts lol let’s have bygones be bygones

From what I’ve gathered in my study of Celtics fans, they’d be more excited over trading for a real live human over 6’10" than JT dropping 75

PD coming Monday?

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He need stop act Jeff Green king inconsistent

You rang? Lol. :laughing: I was driving home from the game. It was coming easy for him tonight. He has unbelievable ability; he just needs to continue becoming more consistent and doing it night after night.

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I’m very happy about Tatum, hes a future star


You got that right. Celtics 4 Life. Congrats J Tatum. One of the best young talents in the NBA.

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Or he’s Rudy Gay with better defense.

Their age 21 seasons compared.

That being said… That’s damn good as long as he stops with the KOBE! shots.

Even kanter balled out. 21p 19r tonight, easily his seasons best game.

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i hate kanter with a passion

In only 3 quarters too!

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Celtic nation, yes i dig it we finally had things falling tonight. We put up video game numbers lol 140 points