Sure is frustrating losing to guys who cant score inside

This is a 2k problem, not a user problem. Its clear as day my opponents do not know how real basketball works, they’re just exceptionally great at timing open jumpers.

I play tight on-ball & gap everyone else, so I understand my defense allows for that. But under no damn circumstances should any team shoot over 60% from 3 shooting over 30 attempts.

My defense is doing their job allowing under 10 pts per game from the paint. 2k is not doing their job by allowing teams to remain competitive shooting ridiculous percentages from 3. And thats despite moderate to good closeouts.

Generally it’s people who can’t shoot that have to resort to rim running and mashing. If you keep giving up open shots to someone who can green every shot that’s not 2K’s fault.


Protecting the paint is only important if your opponent plays inside out. If they only want to force threes then make sure they can’t get clean looks. The goal of defense is not to stop everything, the goal is to force your opponent to do what they are least comfortable doing.


60% from 3 is not unrealistic if shooters are left open - most NBA guards would shoot higher than 60% if open at the perimeter, the reason irl percentages are lower is that they are heavily guarded

I don’t want to sound like a d*ck, but I think you should have adapted your defense to his play style


Wait a sec. You’re mad because you purposefully leave the 3 wide open in order to guard the paint… and that your opponent exposes that weakness? Dude what?

As some of you know I just got this 2k23 couple of weeks ago. If I come up against somebody online who relies on shooting and hits with a good percentage - all props to them. Unlike all the other 2Ks in the past you have to green or very close to green in order to hit your shot. Even though I like a little skill gap like that but now a delay or bad i-net connection is even worse than before because whites are not going in any more and your shots will be off.

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I agree this is a problem, but at that point it’s your fault not the game’s

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You put gap on offball and you wonder why they’re shooting 60% on you? They making practice shots on you

Bro youre setting gap on the other team. Theyre scoring under 10pts in the paint because theyre wide open for 3 every possession :joy:

I know that feeling! I played 4 games in MY Team Unlimited and everybody I played were shooting like 80% from 3pt land and not one of them scored inside of 20 feet.

I agree with you that they do not know how basketball works and you’re right about timing open shots but it makes the game less fun when people just run around waiting for an opening to jack up 3s and shoot 70/80% from beyond the arc.

Takes the fun out of playing for me!

Guys, honestly, what are you talking about.

I am a mediocre player, this is my 4th 2k year and only started playing Unlimited this year.

This season my record is (approx) 50-40.

In those 40 or so losses, I have only met one guy who relentlessly scored contested/logo 3s on me all game. I played against him early in the season, he had a 50-2 record and he was amazing - he was so good that I played the entire game just to see whether I could learn something. He trashed me like 90-30 or something and probably scored 80%+ from 3.

In all other losses, yes I have found good 3 point shooters, but when properly defended none of them scored more than 50% from 3s, and the vast majority were in the 40-45% range (still dominated me, but hey I said I am bad).

If you are allowing 80% from 3, 99% of the time you are not defending properly (again, coming from a less than average player).

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I understand what you mean I think at least. :wink: Sim vs. arcade or reality vs. fantasy. It may be a little too much but it is still a video game and the player wants to control the outcome. So if he does something perfectly he expects the desired outcome. Imagine shooting perfectly and only make like 40% of you open shots and this maybe even only with cards of 90%+ 3p rating. Nobody would take 3s any more and it would be a rim running or mashing festival.

Idc What anyone says 150 dribble moves spammed, side to side and throwing one up is ridiculous. And unreal. Especially a 90 steal attribute defender never getting a poke at the ball during the spam dribbling …makes
s no sense