Support response to mtu codes

I got a response basically saying we’re shit out of luck and there’s nothing that can be done, per the EULA.

Then again, this was a response from the front line guy who I asked to escalate me so clearly he hasn’t done that yeat

Not much luck on my end either, here was my response

I keep getting Christian G who I honestly at this point believe he is impersonating a supervisor just to avoid getting me out of their hair.

Literally the same guy I had problems on chat with too

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It’s not worth anymore if my time at this point. There wasn’t really anything good from the codes I’m worried about

smh. Sorry bro. This game blows.

Stay Tuned!

Mut dropped its season 5 which is basically its biggest card overhaul yet with about 100 new solos so I’m just going to put my time into that instead of 2k support