Superstar potential NBA Draft 19

So I am from Europe and I don’t follow the NCAA at all really, just the headlines on ESPN etc.
I have a couple of questions.
Is Zion the real deal?
Who has the best potential?
Who is already nba ready?
Basically if your team could get anybody from college sports or overseas next draft who would it be and why?

Zion might be the best college basketball player ever. Hes absolutely unreal. Ill take that guy

Lol, no. He is really good and probably this best this year but best ever? That one easily is Kareem.


isnt RJ Barret considered the next #1 pick?
i dont know if that makes him better overall…

AFAIK it’s Zion, the convo seems to revolve around those two and nobody else. Is it a weak draft class?

I’m on Ja side.
Again, read somewhere in Youtube which i really agree;
Ja Morant would be perfect for the Suns. Zion for Knicks. RJ for Bulls.

and the struggling cavs select…?

Guduric from Fenerbahce lmao.

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Kareem was so dominant at UCLA that the NCAA made dunking a technical foul. Then he perfected the most unguardable shot in the history of the game, “The Sky-hook” :heart_eyes:

Kareem already had the sky hook, in his autobiography he said that he first started using it/working on it in 5th grade lol

And did you watch him at all or you just taking peoples words for it? Zion has the highest PER of any college player ever

PER wasn’t tracked until 1973, so we don’t know what Kareem’s college PER was

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Correction, steals and blocks weren’t tracked until then. So PER couldn’t be calculated

Im sure he was incredible im just not about to say hes the best if i havent seen any footage, know what his competition was like, etc

All i know is zion is the most impressive college player ive ever seen

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No its a strong draft class its just that zion is that good. Barret is meh to me. A lot of talent, bad shot selection, needs to have the ball in his hands, and selfish at the end of games.

I completely agree, not knocking Zion at all. Just marveling at Kareem. In his 3 years playing for UCLA, he only lost twice. He had more national championships and POY awards than losses lol

For some reason, Zion looks like he’s gonna go Kemp like fat later. Always have that feeling when i watch him :upside_down_face:

Yeah thats insane, i just never know how to judge old players like that esp in college where the competition level was just far worse than what it is today. I could only imagine how dominant kareem was against of undersized tom, billy and joels tho hahah

Pete Maravich averaged like 40 a game in college.


I am asking because i am in an online myleague and we do the draft according to our standings…
I need insight knowledge of people that actually watch college basketball…
@YuBuuBuu So who do you think about when talking about a deep draft class?