Superpacks coming soon?

I was thinking how we have gotten most of the in demand galaxy opals. I’m sure there could be a few hype cards left like a galaxy opal bill russell or dwade. But hard to say, you guys think superpacks could be coming soon?

Yea anniv 3 superpacks will drop at some point

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Hope they release something to drop the price of Trae Young soon. Bought the rest of the set for 200k but I’m not paying 600k for Trae.

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Oh ya they will probably drop those first before. They probably will push it back a few weeks before completely destroying card values

Yeah I guess we’ll know what they have planned on Friday. I’d assume Ultimate was the last promo and we’re just getting Throwbacks on Tuesday from now on.

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Everyones auction outcomes gonna be all full of errors haha