Realistically is there any way that supermax starting Wednesday has a reward? Cause I really want that PD Jordan and I cant get the code due to my job so I was gonna buy him. But in order to get him I’d need to sell Tmac or heat Lebron. I’m fine with doing that but just curious what everyone’s thoughts on supermax is right now.

I think there will be a reward. It’s one of the reasons why people play.

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Maybe 99 Kareem

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tmacs better

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Is one of these Jordan’s with diamond shoe and diamond contract worth picking up? I have about 600k Mt.

I feel they will shorten the supermax season. they have had an extended supermax time in pre season (I think it was for bill russel) until they determine a season date. Fingers cross.

T-Mac and Kobe are both better cards, but MJ is MJ.

I really hope there are no player card rewards anymore. I would like MT, packs and diamond shoes/contracts as rewards so much more. Maybe the cheesy grinders won’t play then and I could net some nice shoes and stuff.