Supermax is burning through my VC/MT

How much does it cost to give your teams contracts using VC? Trying to figure out how’s many games you’ve played


Is it really the move to just play my career to get vc for contracts

This is why I’ve coveted diamond contracts. You can grind all offline play/SM and flip all your contracts for profit. Plus a lot less of a headache to make sure you apply contracts. Probably less of an issue now unless you are contract light and have all PD like op mentioned

contracts have been super cheap since the crash u can get silver ones for 250

edit: just got 15 golds (5 games ) for 250 each

Unbelievable how rare diamond shoes and contracts are. @isuckat2k1999


Yeah lol they realized what a turn off it was for people. Contracts literally make no sense and add nothing to the game mode

This game is terrible lol. I had a horrible day today and decided that maybe $20 worth of vc would help me get Giannis and feel better about myself, smfh… what a mistake, I feel worse now


Ya, gambling typically isn’t the best solution to depression


Damn Giannis is nasty with the duo and so is moncrief honestly. Dude just hit 6-6 3s for me and postered Shaq (moncrief)

I’ve found some great deals on contract stacks on the AH. This will save you a LOT… Just takes a little time to find a solid deal.

VC contract costs are double MT, so each game burns ~2200VC.

String together a few launch screen quits and this starts getting expensive real fast.

Glad to hear the duo packs are putting more contracts into the ecosystem. I do wonder how long it will last though…

All weekend long, 20 packs of Contracts have been cheap AF on the AH. Think I bought 400 total contracts for about 13K MT.

Damn Harry, you committed highway robbery. At those prices your average cost per gold contract is only ~163.

I was also able to grab a few stacks but my my average was closer to 300.

It looks like I should have enough contracts to make it to the finish line now.

I had only 5k MT yesterday and many cards in my lineup had 1-3 contracts so I bought some for most of them. I had under 1k left after that. The only way to maintain a full PD squad is to play other modes (schedule or pack & playoffs). Or to snipe some stuff.

Or you know the deal :thinking::roll_eyes::smirk:

I think my per actual contract cost was something like 50-70, which of course is way better than 100 - 125 through the menus.

Got a couple Bronze 20-stacks for 3,500, which is nice but not a big deal. Got a Silver for 3,500, which is much nicer, and lucked on a Silver for like 1,500, which is a steal.

Don’t even think I can use these all up before 2K19…

… yeah, spend that dough.

How do u buy stack of contract in the AH??

Nah grind that vc in career mode :point_left::+1: