Superbowl day NBA games

All early afternoon games. Good thinking NBA. Nuggets/Pistons going now. This is the earliest game I think I ever remember seeing.

Also on tap


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I’m 90% sure someone will flag that haha wanna wager on it? :joy:

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I flagged it

Nuggets can not be stopped lately. Even rolling out half a roster. Up 17 in the first 5 minutes on the road. I think they’ve been making a statement lately

Sekou Doumbouya is a fun player. What a collapse from the nuggets

:yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

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Always intelligent and thoughtful input from you :roll_eyes:

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Sekou making this a game

He is an interesting player. Detroit raining these threes is crazy

I will give you everything u want to say on them in the regular season but the playoff is a different animal and they will fail there.

Especially because Denver has the 3rd lowest OPP 3PT%

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Fail meaning? Why would losing in the playoffs be “failing” for the second youngest team in the league who’s contending window is just opening?

Fail like getting swept in the first round? That would be a fail

Losing in the second round or further would not be a failed season for Denver

Clippers gonna “fail” in the playoffs because they’re officially championship or bust right now (Denver isn’t) and they’re not winning a championship.

@Shoko looking forward to your thoughtful and intelligent rebuttal. But usually everytime I hit you with legitimate points like this you fade into the shadows until our next conversation because you’re only capable of short, elementary posts unless it’s Lebron who you can talk about all day

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Watching the boys play in Boston before the pats played in the super bowl was always a favorite tradition of mine. The garden was always popping before the pats played

Tanking teams will forever be the nuggets kryptonite :sweat_smile: luckily there aren’t any of those in the playoffs

Y’all just aren’t playing defense. They’re shooting 55% from 3…

I see you’re familiar with my misery in “gimme” games. We definitely play up/down to competition. Not bringing it every single night is just a side effect of such a young team no matter how talented

Thank you for saying this, @Shoko kinda sucks and really doesn’t bring much of anything to these forums. It’s either “LeBron sucks”, “Kawhi is god” or “hurr durr can (insert 7 ft players name here) play SG?”. Honestly pretty sick of it.

More importantly, you are correct. Your boys have been playing some great ball lately, and as a Lakers fan I’m definitely starting to fear them a bit. Luckily I think we match up well, but damn, I think y’all are going to make some noise in the playoffs this year.


Gary Harris…?

I would be trying to maximize contention right now. It’s not going to be easy building the roster with Murray’s contract especially since the owner won’t pay the tax. Not to mention Jokic could leave at any point

NOP@HOU Livestream on yt (wtf?!)