Super Packs Speculation

if you are a member of this forum you’d think these packs had been in the market for a day already with the certainty ppl are talking about them

with that said, if they do drop , (which lets face it 2K cant miss out on any cash grabs, especially these types)

what do you think the temporary “crashed” prices of each guy will be at

here’s my guesstimates:

Lebron: 250k
Kobe: 220k
Shaq: 250k
AD: 400-450k
Bird: 180k-200
KD: this one i have no clue, i can see him going for 600k on release, and maybe once the hype dies and super packs come along, going down to 400-450k

I recently had to sell all of mine (fully dressed) for this giannis chase, and im about 110 cards away with roughly 4 milly in the bank (no shot in hell i have him by the time these would drop), so im guessing ill be picking all of these guys up if these packs are released , which would further delay my hunt , but it would be stupid of me not to get them while they were cheap

i guess alot of it also has to do with how good this blake ends up being, but for some reason i dont feel that many ppl are gunna lock for him, especially with the probability that ALL of the Series 2 cards are likely subject to a future upgrade (besides maybe AD)

anyway how low do y’all think these guys will get?

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I think KD won’t be on super packs. Just Like Jordan.


he comes out after them u think?

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Yeah maybe wednesday superpacks and then kd on friday. IMO
But nothing is for sure though I hope we get news today about super packs.

ad: 300-340
lebron/shaq/kobe/bird: 170-210


yeah maybe on xbox lol

nah but i hope u right those would be steals at those prices

its only a temporary market crash, these packs are 24 hrs with bad odds. And u have ““rubbish”” PDs included such as ASG Magic, Pippen and Clyde… that just lowered ur odds even more.

Dont expect to get any cheap especially with Opal Blake obtainable this week. And KD will be a monster and very expensive.

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i see shaq dropping to 170-200k

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Pack odds will be shit. 2K consistency.

Really hope they tease superpacks… 4 hours after they announce them is when I’ll be buying. Pack odds will be shit and prices will jump back up pretty quickly after the pack release


They’re gonna not release super packs on purpose and make people spend all they’re mt to lock in Blake :joy: well i hope not

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Great post , I agree with everything except for ad’s price. I’ve had everyone besides Shaq from cover 2 (do not feel like paying over 300k) which I think should honestly drop down to like 200 and under like when he first came out,”. I sold everyone because of their prices I wanted to take the MT while I can buy AD’s price just won’t go down I hope he drops to 300k when and if super packs come out


But 2k can also screw us over and not even drop super packs and everyone’s price just gonna sky rocket once Blake’s stats come out


I got a VC sale yesterday if that means anything.


I’m tired of chasing

I’m keeping AD and Bird


Yep I’m keeping them two :wink: