Sundays MyTeam

MyTeam sucks on Sundays. Constant connection errors every Sunday.


it’s because of park events. they allot almost all of the servers to the neighborhood on weekends.

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My weekly challenge game didn’t count. Lovely 2k servers.

having issues with AH. Just bought ruby Zack Randolph, he’s not in my outcomes but my MT is missing. Hopefully he shows up later

same with my schedule challenge, ticket sent to the support…

MyCareer not even working fwiw and it’s only a pop a shot tournament. Come in 2K!

Do they actually do anything tho?

I was about to post lol, glad im not the only one

Does anyone ever get a response from the tickets? I have been waiting about two weeks now

Park is trash and 2k servers are an absolute joke.

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Last week, i send a ticket about a multiplayer moment challenge not registering and got nothing. But i didn’t have screenshots of the challenge but this time i have everything so i hope i will get something like in nba 2k18.

But i feel like the majority of the people at the support don’t even play the game. So even if you explain the issue really weel, they ask you dumb question…

PS: sorry for my english, im from france

Video proof always work.

Just got a loss in MyTeam Unlimited after I was up by 20 and the guy rage quit. So much for 12-0. Then, I decide to play TTO since it was so risky. After winning 22-10, I go to do my ball drop and it says I lost!

Wtf 2k

Yeah i keep winnin TT and it gives me losses this game is so fuckin broken

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and no MT from the game

Yeah so trash man haha

feels like 2k9 servers maybe even worse

Yeah, but they taking the contracts though. :rage:


time to grind out VC in MyCareer

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