Suggestion to 2KG Owner

Please add icon and setting in Profile for which system a player owns:
PC, PS4, Xbox or Switch

This would make the discussions so much better :slight_smile:


That’s a really good suggestion!

While we’re on this topic (hope u don’t mind OP), hope we can get a dark mode option as well.

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Bro we have dark mode option


Ah really?! Thanks, now i have to find it

Account - Interface - Theme - Dark


Dammit! That’s awesome. Why it has to be hidden that way, haha. Thanks man!

So that you won’t find it Haha

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Thank you! But what about defining it somewhere around the name?

We have that feature for the champions of their respective platform.

This way Champions might have Crowns. My own opinion, but there are too many questions about ones platform in every other discussion.

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I don’t think the software on this shit allows that it the same with a block feature. If everyone just puts their console in their bio then you could find out in one click I think that’s the best the site can manage

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Actually this should be possible with one line of the code. Contact me and I will help.
I like this place so I’d gladly help make this better.

For example it can be displayed like this:


I mean I don’t understand the need tmr hen all it takes is one click and you can see what console someone is on.


NGL, a Goat box icon would be sweet. :sunglasses:
And a crown for the champs is pimp shit JS

whats dark mode

Black background

oh I just lower brightness at night