Suggested Agenda Combos (XP, Play-In Tourn, Playoffs, Zero Grav, Etc.)

Would it be helpful to have a thread where we can drop suggestions for comboing:

  • Certain Agenda items together.
  • Lineups/cards that would help with efficient combo.
  • Which PvCPU game or game type would be most efficient to finish Agenda items.

Or nah?

I have a hard time keeping track of all the various Agendas there are up for completion and I have to list shit out to remember multiple ones that I have to artificially target to get all done within one game. And I even forget the parameters for specific Challenges, like how a couple up right now are 50 point Triple Threat Offline games, while others are 3min Quarter 5v5 games, etc.

Maybe it’s not helpful since we all are very different in which Agendas we’ve done, which Challenges we’ve completed, which cards we have, etc.

But anyway, last night I combo’d these within a Homecoming Domination game:

  • EM Sengun score 23pts (multiple games)
  • FF DI Justise Winslow 10ast (multiple games)
  • FF DI Kawhi 6stl (multiple games)
  • Any Tatum 6pts in paint (1 game)
  • Any Original Owner 4 x 3pm (1 game)
  • Any Gobert 17reb (multiple games)
  • Any 5 Warriors player cards in Lineup in a win (1 game)

The two I couldn’t get done within the Dom game were the Kawhi steals and the Gobert rebounds, but got those done in a TTOff game.

A few notes:

  • Start (PG of Choice) + Kawhi + Winslow + Sengun + Gobert

    • Gobert gets boards in natural flow of game.
    • Sengun is primary scoring option.
    • Easy cheesy way is to spam Y-cuts for Sengun with Winslow as the passer to spam Winslow assists.
    • Assign Kawhi to opposing PG to spam for steals.
  • Brought in my starter pack Ruby Tatum and DI Keldon Johnson off the bench after completing the Sengun points.

    • Spamming three 2pt baskets in the paint for Tatum is cake, as is 4 x 3PM for Johnson.
    • Reason I chose Johnson was because he’s literally the only Diamond I have that’s Original Owner.

DI GPII and DI Jordan Poole only the Warriors who played. The other three were #'s 11, 12, 13 on bench.

Didn’t actually need another Center. Gobert played whole game, for me to chase his rebounds.

I played the Homecoming Dom game on All-Star to get all 3 stars, but I failed to get beyond the first star anyway, due to not getting enough MT. If one is going to play really artificially and not MT-optimally, then maybe better to just play at Rookie and make sure to optimize for Agenda completion.



a few general tips/observations from me, in no special order:

  • for rookie Dom games, unless I need steals I often pick the Warriors, because their offense is super quick compared to other teams (if you leave Curry open, he would shoot immediately). I find other teams tend to use the clock a lot;

  • (I assume everyone knows, but) if you go full court press and immediately foul in the last two minutes, you can easily squeeze 170-180 points from a rookie Dom game;

  • if you do not need a massive amount of points, the second spotlight is a 3 minutes quarters on rookie;

  • for a very quick assist/points hunt, the first spotlight is a 21 pts TT on rookie;

  • for rebounds, I go with TT offline, make sure that the rebounder is the shorter player on my team, go to the 3pt line with another player, call PnR for the rebounder, have him roll (tap rb) and miss the 3 (with a late shot): one can easily get 15-25 rebs per game


I would add about the rebounding in TT offline, as with other agendas, make sure to use the other 2 players as gold (guards). The gold guards now are really good and will match up to other gold players. yesterday easily did a 20 rebound agenda in one game. For Assists, use the player that needs assists with 2 gold player with one being either Giannis or Sampson. Usually you pass it to them with the guy you need assists with and either one will just run by their defender for an easy dunk/layup. I used to do it with Sapphire Isaac, but the golds do the same with a worse opponent.

The rookie TT in spotlight is especially good when you need to get 3-points with a player.

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another thing - if you use a heat check player in TToff, the CPU matches him with a random heat check player (without matching the rating of your player)

so if for example you use HC Lebron, HC KD and HC Embiid, the CPU will use 3 random HC players, which are usually low rated

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That is what I did for 2k21. I had a badged up HC Giannis that I would use for every TT game and he would just dominate over any other HC player. This year I have been happy with using specific gold players that just are much better than the rest of the gold players.

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Only thing I don’t like is that a lot of those Playoff agendas are “score XY points with a player in game”. As I am always doing it on the highest difficulty in Domination, it ain’t easy to squeeze in two 35pt efforts in one, cba to do Rookie games, want to have something from playing 30 min offline 5v5 (HOF badges).

Not enough assists agendas.

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Great points here. Haven’t thought about the pace but going with the Warriors makes sense and even if you’re leaving them wide open, Rookie probably keeps their scoring easy to beat.

In case it’s not obvious, you can also just foul more, earlier, to get into the penalty. And also don’t need to run full court press. What I like to do with this sort of fouling is to hand-pick my fouler to balance the fouls out, and just keep him in the backcourt waiting for inbound and then press Intentional Foul. Maintain distance and don’t press up on either of the inbound pass targets.

Along with having your screener/rebounder slip a screen like you describe, you can also use Y-cutting to do this. Y-cutting is generally a cutthroat exploit because you can position the passer so that he’s screening the cutter’s defender.

Never knew this!

Feel you here. I don’t want to play Rookie or even Pro but I also don’t feel like playing a whole 5v5 game just for a 30+ point scoring goal.

If there is a requirement for say get 2 double doubles like they did for the 76ers play-off agendas, you can stack them in the same game. Get assists and points with one then switchnthem around or get the points and rebounds with the other.

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Props for the Warriors tip in rookie domination. It definitely helps when the CPU takes a quick shot. Was able to get 7 fairly large agendas done. Only mistake I made was not getting Kawhi on my roster to get steals. Surprised how easy it was to get Curry to cough up the ball.

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Interesting. I’ve been going Blazers. Wonder if Steph and Klay chuck more than Dame and C.J.

Combine Arizin and Playoff Warriors 3s agenda.


Along the way, if you’re playing Rookie Domination, there’s 30 Jerseys to go for as well for each teams individual scoring records. Usually around 60 points or so, under Lifetime agendas. Easy pick up for Collectors level.

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That is actually what I did as well. First thought he was a Sixer but was happy to find out he was a Warrior and could combine the 2.

I was having a little difficulty getting steals for Kawhi and Owens until I used this line up in TT offline. Used gold Sampson and gold Shaq with whoever you need steals with. Gold Sampson is so good defensively that if you need it, you can put him on the gem card that matches the player trying to get steals. Played mostly (but not always) off ball with the player you need steals. Able to complete each agenda in 1 game apiece. In addition, you will easily get the win.


That Kawhi was so good for me that he got 8 steals in first Superstar domination game I played, hehe.


I really like him as well, but could not get any steals. Could be I was trying to hard

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I was able to get a Holo version dirt cheap

100%, that Kawhi Diamond card plays much better l, especially defensively then what it is.

Those challenges are so stupid sometimes.

I was playing Limited Edition IV challenge and the goal is to score 40 points. Combined it with Jokic and his 37pts, but underestimated that the Limited Edition team is all DMs starting and lost 40-45, still got the pack and completed it.

What’s the point of getting the win if you actually lose the game?

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Man just sold a Dynamic Precious for 22k

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