Submitting 2K tickets for suspected MT buyers

thoughts? :slight_smile:


deep pockets kinda ruin online play no?

With how the packs are set up, deep pockets is what 2k wants.

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deep pockets for ripping packs doesnt necessarily equate to deep pockets buying millions of mt

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You’d rather that money go to 2k through VC sales?

And no. Budget cards, especially this year can absolutely compete with top end cards.


thats a weird narrative

What is? 2k are shady as hell. I’d much rather people spend cash on MT rather than give any money to 2k.

Plenty of games are pay to win. Hate the game, not the player.


yea that’s a pretty fair take

The lamest take i’ve ever seen. Even if you take out mt buyers, your team will still suck against people you play online , trust me. Its a pay to win game. Get with it


According to my knowledge, 2k bans the sellers, not the buyers, of mt. The reasoning is that by cutting off the supply of unsanctioned sales, the buyers will shift to buying from 2k.

OP, it seems the purpose of this thread is to invite heated debate. This site perhaps doesn’t have the energy or interest for that these days.


Bro what the hell are you on :sob:

I just don’t get it. What’s the benefit in doing this?


Pack this dude up


So instead of just spending money like everyone else, you decide to attempt to allienate people who spend their hard earned money on something they enjoy.

I smell a snitch. :joy::joy::joy:

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I think online play is ruined by a game that always has some gaping exploits in gameplay mechanics for cheesers to spam relentlessly. And a player base that has a lot of players who will do that, and be toxic in many other ways.

If it weren’t for cheesy play and toxic behavior, I wouldn’t mind playing with a budget team and being outclassed in team quality (or skill).

And keep in mind:

  • Extent to which MyTeam is “pay to play” is due to 2K maximizing profits from the game. Driving the player base to buy VC.

  • So mismatches in online play is a feature for 2K. It’s one way how they incentivize players to buy VC.

  • If they wanted, they could have actually good matchmaking.

  • If they wanted, they could build out Limited. And not always structure it in a way that still allows big advantage to “rich” players.

  • If they wanted, they could not nerf MyLeague Online and have more developed versions do Play Now With Friends and Play Now Online. They neglect and even nerf those modes because they compete with moneymaking online modes.

Everything goes back to 2K evolving 2K the game into a cash cow.

So, no, I don’t think it’s cool to be a stool pigeon for 2K or to help them drive VC sales to themselves.

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