Sub92 cheese

The sub 92 rec is the worst thing in 2k change my mind

What is that?

It’s pretty much people badging up builds but keep them at 92 or below because rec won’t put you with anyone above 92 if you have a full squad of sub 92 it’s a shitty 2k glitch that won’t fix and I get why you don’t have sub 92 playing with above 92 but the cap should 90 and up imo

Wow. They had that same glitch in 2K20. I’m not surprised that 2K still haven’t fixed that

You on next gen? Knew that was the case on current gen 21 but thought next gen wasn’t?

Doesn’t exist on nextgen

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I kinda miss it honestly. Gave me a chance to run with my side builds that I didn’t wanna put heavy time into. But yeah next gen doesn’t have it. Me and my friends used to call it the D league lmao