Sub Glitchers getting Perma Banned!

A smaller youtuber named

HTB just got banned for what appears to be “abusing a substitution exploit”. It is a good day for the MyTeam community.

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It was reduced to 2 weeks, they said it was for buying mt a second time

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2K won’t ban people who spend a lot on VC. Doesn’t jive with their #1 priority

I was about to say that I don’t know if they can legally permaban someone for exploiting a glitch that they’re fully capable of preventing by just taking the time to fix it.

Yea but in their email it does say a 2K Fairness Policy

I follow him on twitter, he made a video about how it got reduced and how it wasnt for sub glitching, according to him, they wrongly accused him of buying mt a second time after he was originally suspended for 2 weeks

Lol looks like angelscriedforyou is back

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To be honest, never put your account in any situation where 2k can check your transactions. They can find anyway to suspend you

Lol I think you might be right.

Lol I respect the fact he’s sticking with the same profile pic.

So basically if you’ve purchased MT from someone in the past you really shouldn’t report a sub glitch out of fear that 2K will look at your account more closely and possibly punish you too.

Lol zero fucks given! He still deserves to be banned for what he did though.

I’m confused

Lol one of the other posters in this thread might actually be a user who was recently banned but is using another new alias now.

Although I 100% despise those who do it, I don’t think they should be perma-banned. It’s not their fault 2K is trash and can’t fix their own bugs

I mean regardless they’re gonna find you getting MT one way or another. I remember buying 100K MT and they found me and suspended me for a week

Just trying to say that by reporting something you’re basically asking 2K to shine a spotlight on your account activity.

Another way to look at it: if you’re selling or buying MT you should be treated with the same punishment from 2K as those who sub-glitch. You’re not “supposed to” do it according to their ToS