Sub glitched patched or naw

Just need to know before i quit this game against. padre_0

I really wanna know like what do these people get out of this? You can tell they were bullied in school smh.


not patched

Wtf do you keep telling ppl it’s patched smh the shit is not patched you’re fucking annoying !

bitch stop asking then

Dude its one thing to 5out all game and sub glitch when u lose. But dont be slimy online on this forum. You gain nothing except a terrible reputation…

i dont even know how to sub glitch LOL, once i figure out you can be sure ill be plastering it all over this website and others though.

Theres literally photographic evidence of you doing it to a dude… and dont get me started on your 5out offence…

talk to the guy that took the picture. oh wait you cant because he isnt here, he posted it on reddit. and all that was in the picture was the continue/quit screen, not the do you want to cancel this sub screen when it is actually done. i never did it because I don’t know how, but again, once i figure out i will let everyone know exactly how to do it and wont remove it like others have in the past.

Stop lying you know how to sub glitch. You’ve done it before. I wish the mods would just ban yo hoe ass

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right show me the proof hoe ass LOL

Everyone has said it your reputation is terrible. Every time I see you post someone has something negative to say about you. Just quit take ya ass back to 2kcentral central!

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if i knew i would already be spreading it, fuck this community lol.

idiotic cunt

Yea I fully believe someone went out of their way to frame you for being a sub glitcher because your so popular and amazing … /s :unamused:


framed… lol holy shit you people are idiots. i dont give a shit about my reputation here obviously, like i said if I knew how to sub glitch id be making threads and posts on how to do it. dude took a picture of me trying to do it but i have no idea how so a few times after the timer ran out and him continuing cause he was afraid of being sub glitched i guess lol we finished the game. believe me or not, it wont change the fact that when i find out ill be spreading the information :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to get this kid banned?? I don’t want to deal with this BS, keep it in 2kmtcentral. You literally contribute nothing to the community/forum unless you call negative posts and misinformation a contribution,


mods could ban im sure, but i could just as easily come back under a different account. fresh slate and no one would ever know :slight_smile:

@2KGamer do you really want this guy poisoning this forum??


even if they had the means to IP ban, have you ever heard of softether VPN?