Strunk vs JimmyHimrod

Playing @JohnnyHimrod now, small world!

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Stream or it didnt happen


Lol oh it’s you lmao. Goodluck to u man I’m on game 11 u bastard

I dont have twitch on my box atm :frowning: Can you stream @JohnnyHimrod ?

Sure yea unpause lemme pause

Ima leave if I’m up at the end, no worries. Doubt I will be cuz this team I’m using doesnt compare to yours lol fleecetv

Good luck!

One sec

I gotchu

Look at that. Community looking out for each other :slight_smile:

Your team is hella nice btw

Its Iive fellas

Link it

Enjoy LJ :wink: 1

i got you bro lol @JohnnyHimrod

Why there no sound?