Struggling with Too Many Options

With Ronnie raining down locker codes and the overall market crash I have been able to pickup basically everyone I wanted. Now I am struggling to find the right mix of players I want together on my starters and bench and it is causing me to play worse than when I had my old squad of mostly diamonds.

Can someone please help me organize this team? I think I’m trying to hard to spread out my offense. Hate when I have players with zero points.

My Hakeem has Currys so he is for sure my starting 5

I think this lineup is perfectly good.

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swap harden for dr J or kobe, or put PG at the bench 2 and get simmons/josh smith lol

Me too, I have too many guards I like so I’m playing Magic at PF which kinda sucks.

i do that too but hes takes some stress off my actual pg there, i can just throw him the ball and run point anyways

Me too but I miss his size advantage against guards. He runs the break well off boards tho

true, hes basically a juiced up draymond for me anyways

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