Stretch 5

Need some opinions boys , I’m currently running porzingis as my bench center , was wondering amethyst Joel Embiid is an upgrade or is Diamond gasoline the better choice


Diamond gasoline for sure


I’d go Marc

Connor MarcGregor

Gasol is good but he doesn’t go to three point line when you pick and pop.

Jokic is the truth if you know how to use him. I just replaced Gasol and I couldn’t be happier.

Diamond Gasoline is the better choice. You would never have to worry about running out of fuel again.


Diamond gasoline is fire!!!

Definitely him

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Just move Gasol behind 3pt line with passing.

Yeah just sucks you can’t ever call a pick and pop where he drops back to the three.

Call it when he’s on the peremiter and he’ll pop to 3pt line nearly every time

You can, just steer him before the pass more back.

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Am I the only one who never had an issue with Gasol popping to 3? Seems like a common problem and it’s never happened to me

Lol i have no idea what people are talking about

Every time I do a pick and pop he runs to the middle and literally never runs to three. Idk what it is.

I know how to call a pick and pop. He never runs back there for me.

Do you lead Gasol with your stick outside of the 3pt line before pass?

I replaced my Porzingis with Diamond Gasoline as my bench C as well. I prefer Porzingis’ release, but Gasol is the much better player overall. Do not regret.