Stretch 5

Who do you guys think is the best stretch 5 on the AH right now?

Maybe Mikan :thinking:

Haven’t shoot well with Porzingis.

Laimbeer maybe? Honestly really lacking in stretch bigs option in AH right now.

It’s KAT for sure


No debate. Especially post patch.

I have heaps of success with Embiid/Simmons duo. Embiid greens a lot for me


Embiid+ Simmons is still goated confirmed.


Kat for now bit hopefully we get a Sabonis or illguaskus soon

I have seen people splash with KAT against me post patch.

I’ll give ol’ KAT a shot and see what’s up.

Yeah Try Kat asap. Much better post patch.

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fuckit just run quick guys until (hopefully) friday when they drop a good one