Streamers: Beware Playing Copyrighted Music

You can NOT play any music on your streams that are from label companies smh


Is this new? Or have ppl been violating this forever

its new

some labels arent enforcing their copy right drake tunes havent been muted on any of my previous broadcasts

but im just rocking lofi beats on soundcloud until this shit changes

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Im going all Monataa 0f 300 lmao


i feel like this will change

my shit was getting muted before this for a while in saved broadcasts

but i could be wrong

or else what? it gets muted? this always happened

nah i havent got muted in like a year since i been streaming spotify

go look at annoyings twitter it may not mean anything to small streamers like me lol

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It’s been happening in my DJ set streams too.

I thought in VODs the muting was occurring for awhile but in streams it was never happening until today which is unfortunate and probably means reactions to TV shows are next which have been huge for some people lately (Los in particular)

Theoretically I think the labels could’ve come for this at any time but only now is Twitch under enough pressure to do something about it. Been like this with YouTube vids and streams forever

At least this means I won’t have to listen to Carlo’s music selection any more :rofl:

Yeah ppl have told me not to play music but its only if you a big ass streamer i think cuz how else they gonna find out :joy:

it was getting muted before but now i believe they are handing out bans for it …

im pretty sure your safe playing LIVE concerts or studio recordings that arent from the radio or record label recordings so im just rocking tiny desk npr sessions gunna make a youtube playlist for my stream hope thats fine lol i aint playing to lofi beats for 8 straight hours lol

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See what happens you when play stuff from the King Kong movie

I’d just play fart tracks, remixes of farts, a cappella farts. All kinds.

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This is different and bad

Might have to just put ambient shit in the background

nah its all good now apparently rules never changed just dmca threw down some copyright claims and some peeps got tagged just dont save your broadcasts you should be fine

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Looks like things have gotten hairy again :eyes: