Straight cheese 🧀

Now that ive just learned how to peak a boo, and the fact that I’ve been deep hashing since 2k19,

James hardens behind the back is identical to magic Johnson’s, (something i noticed in 2k19) Magic’s seems a little faster cuz of the way his character moves, but if you know, you know

This behind the back peak a boo 3 is straight cheese. Magic Johnson’s behind the back!!! This peak a boo thing is cool :ghost:

Also if you know how to cook bruhhhhhh without running and cheesing <3

Hit that harden step back and cancel it then sprint to the other side and cancel hesi.


Straight trash :wastebasket:

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Str8 :cheese: 2.0 scratch that 3.0

Join some tourneys


I rmr all these scrubs hated on harden in 2k19 by the end everyone realized his dribbles are GOD LVL 13.0. Dat hesi doe.

Now I’m telling you he’s a wetter cheesier magic Johnson, son

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What sig nerds can tell me which behind the back Lavine has? I love that one. And MPJ’s between the legs

Think it’s pro 6

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I like Harden but that peekaboo shit is lame

Dudes don’t play basketball they play 2k. I don’t even get mad anymore. Whatever for a W :man_shrugging:t6:


Yeah I feel you lol. Everyone does it though :man_facepalming: But every time I behinded the back in 2k19, every time I pulled up off of it, I’d have to stop perfectly lol. I used it get by ppl more or less. This is pretty insane though.

I’ve pretty much learned how to peakaboo this last week, makes the game kinda fun lol. Especially now that it’s the final piece to my play style lol

Even though I love playing slow too and not cheesing. I just dribble a lot then lol

I actually stopped using behind the back with harden completely and only did it with magic but not no more lol

I done forgot

Ohhh Brandon ingrams between the legs :scream: might be better than Ben Simmons?

What are sigs? Ik what ciggs are lol

Yeah he got that pro6

What is that peekaboo thing? Animation cancel to shoot?


Pro 6 the best in the game

I don’t think magics pro 3 can be topped

Not his btb though that’s 6

Ye I was not paying attention :sweat_smile: between the legs the moving one is pro 2 for MPJ and they both has like the same pro 2 sizeup package

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