Stopping Hakeem

Played a game today and faced Hakeem with a user who knew how to use him. I think I could have won if I slowed down Hakeem but he ended up winning pretty easily.

Any advice to stop Hakeem? Who is best matched up with him?

Shaq can stop Hakeem pretty easily. His LQ, badging, height, weight, and strength give him serious advantages.

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What’s shaq going for now? I’ll prob wait for the next market crash then look to get him.

A bit over 200K I think.

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Mutombo if u have him


Honestly any Center who is taller and stronger than him. Diamond Artis Gilmore fucks Hakeem up too.

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Mutombo and limited KAJ

Mutombo does better though


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PD Ralph can’t stop Hakeem but he can slow him down and pull him out of the paint on the other end.