Stopping 5 out

Like how tf? Recently I just can’t seem to stop it, any ideas on how to get extra bodies in the paint without playing a zone? If I play a zone they just kick out to the open shooter, if not it’s an easy rim run as my players aren’t clogging the paint and I can’t switch onto them in time.

Any tips or settings help?

Watch tydebo on youtube

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Are we talking 5-out with p&r and p&f or just 5-out with one player iso? Coz those 2 are different.

Against picks i go for switch everything (you gotta have the proper roster though). If it’s iso, zone is the best option. Four corners out, extend pressure, and manually control the player who is alone on the side that has 2 opposing players. You gotta be really good at baiting and playing passing lanes though. It’s still a risk.


Move and groove and get bumpy


beat poison with poison…master 5 out and 5 out them back lol…giv them their own medicine…and yes…europstep has answered it , for me i mix go over and switch …besides manually control the side, i tend to position myself (player guarding the opponent ball handler) to go over when i see him calling the bigs to screen, and try to harass him as much as possible …if the big roll, manually control ur big to follow the big to bait n cut off the passing…if he stick with ball handler n rim run, switch back to ur player n just follow him as tight as possible with right analag stick up to contest…u can only hope u get the better animation… i watch a vid of issac beating tyedbo this morning…,.that is one high level defensive positiong and baiting game… they also start with 5 out position everytime =/ … running plays against 5 out is just like having a handicap on urself especially if the opponent is playing a super fast tempo game…

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Either I guess, if he pick and rolls theres literally no one in the paint to guard the roller as if I switch it seems he’s already gone too far for the easy bucket, if I switch and try trap him he gets an open shooter, seems like every team at the moment is running like this

give up no 3s and learn how to onball iso and bait offball simultaneously … doing either/or sufficiently is usually enough

on offense just get a 3 up and it’s over…most of them can only rim rum