Stockton as a scorer?

So I am 20 tokens from my first PD, gonna take Stockton obviously. This is my team right now:

I will pull out Steph+Klay for now and probably change to this, not sure which other good 3p shooter is now available at SG/SF than Kiki. Maybe someone with better defense will be available on Thursday.

And here is my question. Taking out the Steph, I take 17ppg as he is my best scorer even off the bench. Can Stockton score a lot in bunches this year? Obviously with his HOF Dimer/Lob City Passer/PNR Maestro, I can imagine Predrag and Googs to get more points, but I would still like to score a nice amount with him.

i’d say hes aight not gonna be pulling up like Curry. But hes not too bad. Lot of mid range pull ups i’d expect.

Try KD at the SG position

Hah, KD aint a bad option and I would have white starters and black bench then (damn, segregation). :disappointed_relieved::joy:


yeah usually always a size mismatch and its pretty much always gonna be a light contest when shooting

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I wouldn’t be shocked if he was pulling like Curry. They juice these cards like no tomorrow. Curry’s shot release is so unique tho. Stockton won’t be able to get the same kind of looks

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His release is a bit weird. Personally I don’t feel super confident with his shot so I use him mostly for playmaking and defense. I only pull up with him if I have to or I’m completely open. It doesn’t mean that he’s bad at shooting. Still makes around 50% of 3’s. But it’s always an unknown. Maybe it’s only me though. Maybe you’ll like it. I don’t know. Just remember he’s super small. He feels 5’9… I would take Duncan before him if I were you (to replace Ben).

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For anyone that’s used it, how does his shot compare to the saph (release wise)?

@Amar maybe worth getting the saph and having a run with him if you haven’t already?

I actually still run that saph quite a bit. Great card

It’s the same release.

His release is awesome. And definitely taking him first, man, idgaf about height at PG, but stats.

Just wanted to know how he feels as a scorer, don’t remember his driving animations well.

Mediocre. But fun fact - put a +5 driving dunk shoe on him and he will dunk (if he has an open lane to the basket of course). Looks hilarious.


Stockton was my first choice and i dont regret it one bit, Hes the leading scorer for me, when I picked him i just wanted to use him for setting up plays with his HOF Dimer and defense but he can score any way possible, he’s a great finisher… One of the best cards in the game, Going for Duncan next, need that HOF Brickwall to set up my plays even better.

Get rid of Iverson. Heat check steph is better like way better.

No shit, Sherlock!

I am gonna use both.

Stockton does a good job scoring for me. I mainly use him in PnR and if gets space he sinks the 3pt shot 8/10 times.

You can find some 3pt plays for him too but i normally don’t run those kinds of plays for him…just PnR freelance or plays. His shot is money and with my coach he has a 99 open shot 3.

So yeah, definitely use him as the scorer in PnR which is pretty easy this year

Stockton will be the last guy ill use mainly because Baron is so good for me.

I gave him a 3pt, steal, accel shoe and he’s just amazing. Fast, good height, can jam it, great on D, amazing release with a 99 open shot 3 and a great playmaker.

Pffff, Dave Bing shat on Baron all the time I used him or played against him.