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I just recently started investing in the stock market, 10 shares in carnival , 2 in Exxon & 2 in shell hopefully this will be a smart decision down the road, are anyone of you guys invested? Good stocks to buy right now? General advice?

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Exxon and Shell are very low risk right now. Not a bad choice!

Carnival gets some hype but I have no experience with it.

All in on TakeTwo


Look into American Airlines too, eventually should go back up

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Have had some bad loses in the last couple months, be careful out there right now. In the next couple months bankruptcy’s will go up, some stocks will be worthless, do your research

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General advice: buy and hold, buy quality dividend aristocrats only or ETFs, diversify!
Vanguard S&P500, All World, Berkshire Hathaway is a good start

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Exxon and Shell are high risk rn, demand for oil and the oil price are decreasing, Shell has just cut its dividends by a large margin


Last I read Carnival seems super risky. You’re either getting a steal or they are going bankrupt. Can’t remember how much cash they raised but I believe it wasn’t enough to last them more than a year. Then again, they have excellent collateral to sell if they need more money.

edit: nvm. Just read that cruises are about to start up again… yikes lol

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It’s low risk. The market will not drop further and can only increase. I was talking about long time holdings, not day trading.

You should stay away from the stock market if you really believe that


Carnival probably dirt cheap

Mutual funds are the smartest move.

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I’m a financial advisor and have been in the business for 20 years. If you’re buying a small amount of stocks and it doesn’t hurt you financially, then it’s not the worst idea. If you’re looking at larger amounts and/or the money will be needed long term, you need to be very careful about individual stocks. Time horizon, risk tolerance and purpose of the funds need to be determined before thinking about the underlying investments. Proper diversification and dollar cost averaging are also key components to consider. Don’t invest simply based on advertising or personal belief. Due diligence is critical to long term success.

Hope this helps and good luck!


Spot on. Most analysts have a neutral or sell posture. Having a few shares isn’t going to ruin someone’s ability to retire, but it’s a risky move with some big red flags.

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2K is a great way for anyone to learn how market dynamics (supply and demand, news, hype, etc) affects stock prices in the same way it does card prices.

There’s also market manipulation in equities (!) though it’s not near as bad as in 2K lol.

You’re ahead of the game if you understand those things compared to many casual investors who think a price “deserves” to go somewhere based on their thesis.


I bought stock in a DIREXION SHS ET/DAILY S&P OIL & GAS. I bought the stock at 16 a share. It was at 40 dollars yesterday. I have 10 of them and its 52 week high was 5 grand.

Might buy this, I had Jnug, a 3x bull stock and I thought it would do well if gold went up, but it’s tanked 90%. Were did you hear about gush?

My friend day trades and she told me about it.

Ok, I shouldn’t say this but good enough for me lol, it’s only money right. I’ve lost so much this last month, I just want to gamble. Definitely not adding more money though, down to 2k in stocks, got to try and build it up