Still trying to get into myteam. Questions! Advice please!

As I’m very overwhelmed already at this stage into myteam I figured I would ask a few questions…

  1. Coaches seem like a very big deal this year. I pulled a Amy coach that boost my shooting stats up. Should I hold on to him until I get a diamond?

  2. What are some playbooks that open up your 3 point shooters??

  3. In your opinion who is the best stretch big out right now?

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Amy coach is good

Playbooks that are popular are warriors, mavs, lakers

Gugliotta is the best stretch big and player in the game.

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1: what coach?
2: I run the wizards some good 3pt plays in there
3: Marc Gasol

  1. Coaches are a big deal because of +4 or +5 boosts to up to 6 Ratings for AM and DI coaches. For budget reasons, probably best for you to run an Amethyst if you’re just starting out. Casey should be cheapest out of AM and DI coaches.

  2. Warriors, Magic, Mavs?

  3. Budget: SA Raef, EM Brook Lopez, Ruby Porzingis. Midpriced: DI Jokic, DI Gasol brothers. Expensive: PD Ralph Sampson.

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I wish I knew his name -___- used to coach the Raptors. Won coach of the year and got fired in the same year lol

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D casey

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If you had to pick between jokic and Gasol. When you going with?

Thanks Simon. Drew a complete blank.



Personally, I’d go with DI M. Gasol because of the better defense.


I use alvin gentry (sapphire coach) +2 on 3 points to Avoid Playbook Glitch.

I use the Orlando Magic Playbook.

For Playbooks you can find tutorial on youtube.

How is Gugliotta not on that list?

I’m thinking of Centers. I wouldn’t play Googs there because he’d only be worth it if spamming threes with him and I don’t want to play that way.

Awww man he jumps out of the gym…I don’t know why they made that card the way he did but he is a monster down low and has an almost maxed post fade with a shoe. The quick release is nice when guys are closing out and that’s it…you aren’t gonna be zig zagging to cheese threes with him. He’s 100 times better than Jokic at center in every way.

I like everything you said here up until that last sentence
Jokic is dirty. If you want a base 11 release… Googs may be the play, but Joker is an around freak w a filthy post game and a green light release
If you can afford Jokic I’d take him any day over Googs

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Yeah, I’m not playing that dude as my primary rim protector and rebounder. I don’t play Jokic, either.

Lol I use both of them and IRL I have Jokic all the way.

Thanks everyone for all the advice. Heading home from work now looking forward to going home and looking at these players and playbooks. I was a big fan of Jokic card last year and used it for quite sometime. As for this gugliotta guy. What tier is he and how much does he go for?

Bold statement lol