Still the best Hoop mixtape ive ever see man

Wall and Rivers are close as well but woods was 14 man nothing tops this for me


dude is cool af I’ve def bumped into him on camp a few times, can’t wait for him to get PT next season

Mf is a monster on the court tho nobody fw him fasho


you use to hoop?

In High School? Yeah
but I’m def not good enough to play for my school :joy: we got some dawgs and Seventh is one of em

I been telling folk that SC be breeding hella athletes man


Was gonna say this. I must’ve watched Wall’s tape 30 times lol

That vid is insane for 14


What about the crime stopper??

aquille carr, austin rivers, andrew wiggins, kwe parker are all god tier as well.


Dennis Smith Jr might have one of the coldest tapes I seen, I use to watch Austin rivers a lot in high school (monster). Josh Jackson’s highlight tape was crazy.

He came to UNC and stunk it the fuck up while he was here. Dude peaked early and didn’t work on his shooting while he was here. Nice guy, but he definitely didn’t live up to his hype. I wish him the best of luck at SC though, because he’s still a Tar Heel at the end of the day.

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Didn’t UNC choose Joel Berry and Coby White over him at the starting PG spot tho?

Emoni Bates has entered the chat :eyes:

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John Wall :goat:

He had his chances and moments, but he just couldn’t compete with those players. They were better! Look where Coby is now and Joel lead us to a National Championship. His career high is like 14 points.

Interesting. Hopefully Frank Martin can develop him well in this system

Frank don’t play lol

love bates no way he ever touches the court at MSU

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loved that SC team that got to the final four a couple years ago

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Yessir!! PJ Dozier, Sindarius Thornwell

Those were the glory days :cry: we been having some losing seasons now lmao hopefully Frank can get shit together again

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yeah thornwell was such a bucket and martin is a good coach so hopefully he can turns things around. this was supposed to FSU’s year until covid :frowning:

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FACTUAL factual

super deep,lengthy, and experienced we were going to be a super tough out. got scottie barnes and some good recruits so hopefully we will be back next year.