Still feeling equalizer?

So I came back to try out the new duos. They’re pretty fun to be honest.

But I have to say, there are still some games that feel completely one-sided, i.e. I can’t hit wide open shots while the opponent hits some double covered smothered shots. Am I alone?

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Yea cause everyone playing myleague now :joy::joy:

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Been playing a few games with my mate. I lag most games, I had two games where it felt flawless and he was lagging. Maybe it’s to do with who’s hosting the game gets the upper hand mol

Yeah i still feel it in some games since i decided to just get an all pd line up since its the end of the year.

There’s this one game where i shot 9-30 in 3pt and shot 47% fg whereas my opponent shot like 67% or something like that. Lucky i played good defense that game and still managed to beat him by 10 points lmao.

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