Stick/Aim shooting could be OP, especially IF

2K would give us the option to set the sensitivity of the stick. I really want the option the make the right stick less, or more sensitive to movement when shooting. This would be a game changer imo.



i’ll like to see that too


Stick is already op.

It’s not even that hard you can shoot like right in people’s faces lol.


Sensitivity settings would help with the aim part still. Similar to any shooter.

I must be behind the times. I can only hit wide open in multiplayer.

Maybe I should freestyle more.

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In Unlimited?

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Yeah I’m good in unlimited and PNO. For wide open shots at least.

Dom HOF is some BS though. I can’t hit anything.

They know if they fix the sensitivity someone will find a glitch in the settings and everyone will pretty much have auto greens every shot. They don’t want it to be OP for everyone, they consider figuring it out apart of the “skill gap” and is only OP to those who figured it out