Stephen A Smith suggests Lakers trade for Devin Booker πŸ‘€

Stephen A Smith suggests Lakers trade for Devin Booker πŸ‘€

This trade isn’t even possible in 2k LMAO. He can’t be serious right ?

I honestly don’t even think hes a LeBron fan. Hes so up and down.

1 day LeBron is poop the next day he’s on TV calling him a god.

Disrespected to Ryan Hollins . Jk

no kuz for iggy

He is a LeBron fan but as he sometimes say, he comes up as a hater when he calls him out cause Bron fans never call him out on his shit.

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So what. Don’t like it. Unlist the thread and get the fuck out. Its not hard. :man_shrugging:

And "Unironically"a Laker hater was one of the first posts in the topic.

First Take is a nationally televised show Im talking about a topic that came up.

No one shits on your posts when its about Tydebos and other comp players nutsacks all day. All the extra is uncalled for. Give the energy you receive.

Please and thank you.

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Sometimes when he is about to say something β€œbad” about LeBron he goes on a monologue about how LeBron is an all time great, a great husband, father, businessman etc. so that his fans understand he isn’t a hater lol.

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Its all for ratings imo hes the highest paid at ESPN for a reason. I also feel him and guys like Woj like putting things in the air for the hell of it.

Like Stephen As comment about Kawhi telling LBJ to guard him. We know damn well he never said that lol

If there is a trade then Danny green must be thrown in the deal and I dont think the lakers would do it as the suns would ask much other pieces (picks, kuzma…) to give books

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Dnt forget new potential Freak Greek something like that could be a bit realistic but might never happen (picks can be also be given to any team to adjust the trade)
or this one

Nice so Suns can trade load picks from Lakers n Cavs for all star player like Lavine

If they get kuzma + love they wouldnt get that much picks. But that could be a good idea to try to instantly get another young guard that can contribute

Why tf would Suns get Love if they lose Booker?

And why would they exchange Booker for Kuzma + trash players & picks?

This is the most unrealistic trade rumor I’ve ever heard TBH

What if Booker demand a trade later trading future seem worthlessy that why nobody team has been trade since begin free agent

no one will take Kuzma for Booker lmao

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tell LeBron that he can return to focus on stuffing the stat sheet in the 4th quarters of ended games.

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Booker can demand whatever he wants and the Suns will tell him to quiet down because he’s under contract for 4 more years past this season! He is not getting traded.

San Presti would like to introduce himself. The suns would take 3 first round picks from us and salary instead of kuzma guaranteed

No question. If Booker were available, there would be plenty of teams willing to give up meaningful assets. Is Kyle Kuzma even an asset? He has a 13.8 career PER. So he’s a 24 year old player that is slightly below average offensively, and plays no defense. Cool.