Steph, Trae, Harden and many more are going to get nightmares drawing shooting fouls this season!

The end of an ERA Shooting flops will finally be eradicated from the NBA and here is why they did it(See video for reference :ok_hand: ).


couldn’t agree more with this change, or whatever you want to call it.

a defensive foul should ONLY be when a defender initiates contact, and this is a step in the right direction! toughen these players up… way to many flops.

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It is going to be a tough change for some of these players, they almost do these moves on reflex now.

I also like the play where a player with a ball suddenly stops, forcing the trailing player to crash into them being an offensive foul now


This is Trae Youngs signature move :grin:

Harden is a more of a pass first guy now so this will do no harm to him. Rockets Harden would cut his wrists for a while tho. :cold_face:

Harden arguing in preseason about calls :laughing: :laughing:

And Russ :grin: :joy:


:clap: What took this so long I will never know, but thankfully a change in the right direction for NBA refereeing.

That play in the top post is also a blatant travel, Steph picks up his pivot in an attempt to blast into the defender :joy:

It’s kinda funny that they are traveling and making none basketball plays but got rewarded for years :laughing:


I wanna see similar style of basketball to the 80-90’s era where things were tougher bc of the rules


This is great for so many reasons. Players will adapt and the game should be much better for it.

I remember this was I thing years ago and they tightened up on the shooter initiating contact. Then all of a sudden it wasn’t a thing anymore and now they’re tightening up again, good to see. Nobody wants to watch a free throw contest.

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Harden will not only give up the points he didn’t score because he won’t get the call. He will also give up the points on defense while arguing with the refs.


And then there’s James harden lol

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Man, LA Russ is hilarious. :joy:

Russ is more self-conscious then people think.

Funny thing is that he actually hunted for a 3-point foul in that game, didn’t get the call, and threw his hands up in frustration.

Russ will probably not do it again but Harden on the other hand has a reflex build in his game :laughing:

Another perspective on the changes made from nba officials.

Harden already struggling early in the season drawing fouls :joy:

Interesting talk on Hardens Game :ok_hand: