Steph Curry frustrated

He should have known the Warriors championship teams wasn’t going to last for long. All great dynasties come to an end and that’s when you find out what you’re made of but in his defense, the Warriors probably never thought Klay would be out, Durant Iguodala would leave, so this is new ground for Steph and the holdovers from the title years.


If warriors don’t make the playoffs or he at least isn’t averaging 27+ PPG and 7+ APG. I don’t wanna hear Curry’s the 1st or 2nd greatest PG of all time. Cause Dame and Russ have got it done with the same amount or less.


I think Steph will be fine when dray is back

It isn’t fair to think about it that way when it’s literally Wiseman and Curry vs other teams. Oubre and Wiggins are straight trash.


Really hate to bring it up but Lebron did more with less for multiple years

Curry has no excuse


Well the thing is the Warriors had a great team during those title years but now that’s not the case and we’ll see what Curry is made of.

Right now he’s venting and that’s understandable but as the old saying goes, you have to take the good along with the bad.

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Wiggins never rose to the level people predicted for him so why the Warriors signed him is a head scratcher. On the flip side, you don’t replace Durant, Klay and Iguodala.

How did Oubre went from very nice last year to straight trash? This ain’t it lmfo.

Don’t be a kiddy with 5 minute short takes, gosh.

They had no prep , loads of new guys, Dray is missing. I think people are heavily overreacting. It takes time for team to gell.

No to mention Curry isint all that as a passer, so not only they’re missing Draymond as a leader and defender but also as passer.

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Kiddy? Lmao all I said was that to start off the season Wiggins and Oubre haven’t been good for the Warriors. They haven’t given help to Curry.

You’re right he isn’t a great passer but neither was Jordan. Steph much like Westbrook isn’t a true PG. He’s a SG who happens to play PG.

You said they were straight strash, not that they started as so but okay.

Yeah exactly. Once Dray is back I think they’ll be fine.

Yeah they have been straight trash. Have you been watching the games? Wiggins and Oubre haven’t done anything. They would’ve been better without them.

I never said they were overall trash. I said to start off the season they haven’t played well at all.

Curry and Warriors build their system and Dray (and Klay) are huge part of that. Curry was never going to go Dame or Harden on you on his own, but that dosent mean his not great.


Dame? CJ would an all star in the East , Russ had one year if I’m not mistaking all the others he played along Paul George and other great players .
This team will be better , but Klay out … I hate it so much

Steph Curry exposed, is more like it :man_shrugging:

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@Pedronqneves I was just finna tag you

Come get this Curry slander

How a 3 time champions with 2 MVPs is exposed after two games ? :joy:

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Curry will be fine. A lot of overreacting with only 2 games in.

I still think it’s to early , and I’m tired of that Dame talk like CJ wouldn’t be a potential star in the East all this years

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