Steady Shooter

I’ve been hearing that Steady shooter badge has negative effects to it. Could some explain

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Tested and Proven by Nba 2K Lab to

Penalize Open Shots.
Boost Contested Shots.

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I’d love to see them lab when you pull up directly in front of the defender. In my MyLeague Online (on HoF difficulty) I have Klay and Klay has Steady Shooter on Gold and in tight spots I’ll just pull up and the dude will be right in front of me with a hand up and it’ll register as a yellow contest (he also has Deadeye so that helps) t if the dude isn’t an elite defender.

32% ain’t that

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All levels of the badge take about 5% from open shots. On HoF you gain 12% to contested shots. I like keeping 1 player with it to take my bad shots if the offense gets stuffed.

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Its trash and only used to nerf reward cards

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-5% on open shots isn’t that huge of a difference if it gives you +13% on contested

Especially with so many dudes getting Intimidator nowadays I can see a steady shooter resurgence coming at some point.


Idk man I blame this dumb badge for diamond Bird’s inability to hit a jumper


Everyone did. But everyone was bricking with every card back then. The sliders were off. People had to blame something so they blamed this badge.

Idk man I dont find it a coincidence either that all these great cards dont have this badge like TMac Ray Roy and even PD Bird, they took it away from Bird lol

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Because the community was universally against it and considered any card with it “trash” and not worth ripping packs for.

I’ve used it on HoF difficulty PvP and yeah I miss a few open non-greens but I also splash in elite defenders’ eyes without blinking. Also, the badge activates on some layups and floaters which is an undoubted bonus.

I’m just saying that the badge isn’t that bad and people who say “contested shots are bad shots” play regular squads on HoF against good comp and tell me how easy open 3s are to come upon

Does Klay guard centers in my league?

Hate this badge of everyone but Dale Ellis. Oh the number of 100% smothered shots I’ve hit with that crack-head. :sweat_smile:

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It’s way more noticable on some cards than others.

For example, DRob has it but I rarely miss open shots with him.
But it makes Melo nearly unusable for me.
Misses by far the most open shots for me.
And I got his jumpshot on myplayer. I basically don’t miss with myplayer (80 3pt), while Melo can’t hit shit.

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Dale Ellis Steady Shooter badge ALWAYS pops up.

Wheres our PD Dale Ellis with Quickdraw and Clamps?

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No wonder GO DRob is brick brick for me

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Believe it or not I left ACE on one game and it put Klay on Joel Embiid and he caused havoc.

The badge itself was just a bad idea imo.

An open shot should NEVER be penalized.

A contested shot should NEVER be rewarded.

This badge was stupid and should have never been in the game. That is all.


His jumper has a big green window, way easier to green than Melo.
Just green a midrange before stepping behind the line.
Green machine does it’s magic.

Contested shots at the rim have multiple badges to reward them

I swear it’s happened to me without ace on. Almost makes him worthless