Steady shooter? Someone help please

I have a request. Is anybody can explain me in simple words ([english is my second language would be great if someone here is from Poland:) ] what is it all obout the steady shooter badge with current and next gen version? I play curent version (on ps5 without an upgread to ps5 version). Are players with steady useles on curent gen? And why? And why its so great on Next gen?

Steady shooter on current gen makes a little penalty on open shots (in simple words, it makes wide open shots a little tougher to make) and it gives a bonus to contested shots (late contests).

On next-gen it’s the most OP badge.

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To go a little further, for next gen it becomes blinders which means shot contests from the side don’t effect the shooter

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Hmm…thank you

Also, it only impacts whites. No negative impact on current gen if you can green consistently with a card.

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When on HOF steady shooter increases contested make percentage by 12% and reduces open mis-timed shots by 5%

HOF steady turns into HOF blinders on next gen which is on of the best shooting badges for next gen. It makes contests from the side of the shooting player less impactful.

Thank you all for answer

To be honest I would rather have more of my contested shots go in because if I’m wide open I should green most of the time and if I don’t it’s okay to get a small penalty.


HOF steady is a FIRE badge on current gen. If u green u green. So many contested shots go in. That is the “x” factor

Son its not so bad as many persons say on curent?

It is a negative on current for cards that have releases that are hard to green. JR Smith is an example for me—steady really hurts that card.

But if you are good with a card’s release, it can actually be a positive because more contested shots will go in with the badge on HOF versus without it. For example, I am fine with the badge on invincible Oscar.

And the new PD Batum is still sick on Current even with HOF Steady.

I’m curious to try out DM TJ Warren (HOF Steady) because he has exact same base as PD Robert Covington (no HOF Steady).

I love PD Covington’s jumper so I’m interested to see if Warren is better or worse for me.

I’m starting to agree with you about HOF Steady.

Question though - do you badge all your guys up to Gold Steady?

I haven’t added any Steady to a single player of mine this year.

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Gold steady actually does suck. HOF steady helps in my opinion.

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OK cool. That’s what I figured. By the way, I hope you get the insane bullshit ban resolved soon.

The only positive for you is you’ll miss Elgin. I would have rathered the HOF badge for Limited.

I can’t really explain it but his Exum base on Very Quick isn’t nearly as money as it is on Manu. Maybe he has a weird upper.

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steady isn’t a badge i’m gonna add but it won’t be a deciding factor on weather i try out/use a card. tbh, ik it makes a 5% difference on open shots… but if you green around 50-65% of your shots then realistically, less than half of your shots’ percentage of going in is lowered by about 2%.

Wow. Thank You all for answers and thoughts about the topic. I dont know if im smarter now:) but i know i will not panic if i buy player with steady

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yesterday i tested it a lot with Harden Opal (HoF steady, and deadeye, Flexible, etc…)

and i cant understand how it works. really i cant…

i did a high volume of White open shots with him, and i found that most of times HoF steady was activated (panel says)

my opinion is Steady doesnt works well with DeadEye because the gameplay cant get different scenarios to apply one or other well

why is activated on open shots? it informed me that was a penalty? or there was a bonus there?

when i was defended, never Steady was active, always DeadEye… no matter if the defender was close or late…