Stats for Pack Opening (CNY)

Just opened 60 packs of 10 boxes.

4 PDs (All Starbury)
2 Diamonds (Tmac and Smoove)
7 Amethysts (4 Yi’s and 3 Gilberts)
10+ Rubies (Al and Beasley)
15+ Sapphires
Rest were Emeralds.


So a PD or a diamond per box roughly

1 10 box
1 diamond… contract
2 amy yi
2 amy arenas
2 ruby beasleys
Bonzi wells
Rest was booty lol

Yeah, looks to be about right. Definitely skewed odds though with the PD you want and which one you don’t want

R u satisfied with that

Still not bad if you opened all those 60 packs on them shaq packs you probably wouldnt even get a diamond

Not bad, probably one of the better openings I’ve had.

Im gunna stream my pulls. I got 330k vc left. Last time i streamed my pulls i got back to back broys. Hoping for some good juju


I have much better pack luck when I personally don’t open the packs. My two older brothers pulled them today.

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2 boxes and about 10 singles pack

1 Yao
1 Starbury
no diamond
about 10 amy mostly Arenas

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So funny how we do the weirdest things in hopes to get good pack luck

21 packs:
2 Amy gil
1 amy yi
3 al harington
1 bonzi
1 zhou cheese

rest maxiel and mudiay TRASH

Aye, it worked with the last two promos, I won’t complain. (They pulled PD shaq last week and PD Ralph and 2 Rondo’s when TD3D was out)

U still run shaq ?

Honestly, I haven’t even played a game with him yet. I’ve been pressured by school here lately, so I just pull packs and play late at night with my budget team for kicks - I saw you throw a lot of alley oops to him

40 packs and only amys. Like 8 of them though

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I spam the fuck out of it lol. Cut to the basket. Wait for him to get free (usually does) then oop it down. Shaq is fun as fuck.


I got a diamond contract first pack. Middle card. Flashes right away. I was pumped. Then it didnt shake. I was LIKE FUCK

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yoooo I got the same thing lmao I was so sad when it didn’t shake